Are you interested in joining the Essex Chamber Orchestra?

· Are you a former member of any the Essex Youth Orchestras?

· Do you live/work in Essex? You do not necessarily need to have been in any of the Essex Youth Orchestras.

· Do you play an orchestral instrument and are a confident orchestral sight reader?

· Are you over 18?

· Are you able to commit to a full weekend of rehearsals, culminating in a concert? Courses can either be residential or non-resident. The orchestra meets 3 times a year. Some of our courses our one day only.

· Do you enjoy socialising? ECHO is a very friendly orchestra!

· Do you play the violin? At the moment we are in particular need of violins, though there are often gaps in other sections and some of our “founder” members are “retiring” from playing. We also need deps…

These criteria are not in any particular order!

Please get in touch whatever instrument you play; we would love to hear from you…

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